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Baoji Shanda Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in children's drama and literary performances, event planning and hosting, Baoji stage project, cultural entry into community projects, Baoji good sound project, cultural industry and market development, etiquette celebration, conference and exhibition hosting And services. It is a large-scale comprehensive cultural industry development company in Baoji. Relying on Baoji's strong cultural heritage and rich cultural resources, the company actively cooperates with the new situation and new requirements of the country's vigorous development of the cultural industry, taps the excellent cultural resources of the Chinese nation, strives to plan cultural projects, and develops the cultural market.


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“开元商城之夜”文艺晚会、龙廷山水迎新春文艺晚会等多场大型活动,承办青曲社全国巡演宝鸡站相声大会、王木犊剧场大型方言喜剧《杠上开花》宝鸡首演等大型演出。 Since its establishment, Shanda Cultural Company has actively participated in the planning and organization of a series of cultural promotion performances in the provinces and cities. "Night" literary evening party, Long Ting Shanshui New Year literary evening party and other large-scale events, hosted the Qingqu Society National Tour Baoji Station Crosstalk Conference, Wang Muju Theater large dialect comedy "Flowers on the Bar" Baoji premiere and other large-scale performances.

Since 2014, we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with Xi'an Children's Art Theatre and Xi'an Zhongbeiyuan. We regularly introduce excellent children's repertoire every month, such as "Thumb Girl", "Emperor's New Clothes", "Little Girls Selling Matches", "Perak "Piglet", "Ugly Duckling" ... enrich the children's amateur cultural life in our city, promote family parent-child education, let children receive high-quality art influences, through three-dimensional, vivid stage performances, entertain and teach, promote truth, goodness and beauty, and transfer positive energy.
,为夜间经济注入新的活力,2015年,盛大文化启动了《宝鸡好声音》、《宝鸡大舞台》、《中国梦.文化进万家》等大型项目,持续全年的活动为老百姓提供了休闲娱乐的场所和展示才艺的平台。 In order to prosper local culture, promote trendy consumption , and inject new vitality into the nighttime economy, in 2015, Shanda Culture launched large-scale projects such as "Baoji Good Voice", "Baoji Stage", "Chinese Dream. Culture into Ten Thousand Homes", and continued. Activities throughout the year provide a place for people to entertain and show off their talents.

为地方的文化事业发展做出积极贡献。 As a private enterprise, Shanda Cultural Co., Ltd. actively participates in the construction of public cultural undertakings, innovates development models and operating mechanisms, actively innovates for enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the grassroots and amateur leisure and entertainment activities, boldly tries to make positive contributions to the development of local cultural undertakings. In the future, Shanda Culture will be based in Baoji, further innovate service models and operating mechanisms, standardize management operations, combine public welfare cultural undertakings and business cultural undertakings, and forge ahead to build a well-known private cultural enterprise in Baoji, and move forward!
Shanda culture, inheriting classics, is perfect.


From 2001 to 2002, the company won the title of "2001-2002 Shaanxi Advertising Association Civilized Unit"
From 2001 to 2002, the company won the title of "Baoji Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise"
From 2001 to 2002, the company won the title of "Shaanxi Provincial Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise"
In 2003, the company won the "advanced unit of Baoji public welfare advertising competition"
The emblem program of the 2004 China Forest Tourism Expo and Taibai Mountain Forest Tourism Festival designed by the company in 2004 was selected by the organizing committee
In 2004, the company was named as the designated planning enterprise of "Research Association for the Development Strategy of Food Industry in Western China".
From 2005 to 2006, the company was rated as "Shaanxi Promise-keeping and Credit-honoring Enterprise"
From 2005 to 2006, the company was appraised as "Baoji City Contract-honoring Credit Enterprise"
From 2006 to 2007, the company was rated as "Baoji City Contract-keeping and Credit-honoring Enterprise"
In 2007, the company was appraised as "Beiji Weibin District Contract-keeping and Credit-honoring Enterprise"
In 2010, the company was appraised as "Advanced Unit for Charity Volunteers in Baoji City"
In 2011, the company was awarded the "Sixth National Census Contribution Award"
In 2011, the company was awarded the "Baoji City Second (Western Construction Cup) One Hundred Filial Pies Selection and Recognition Work Support Unit Award."
In 2013, the company was appraised as "Baoji Cultural Industry Demonstration Base"
In 2013, the company was appraised as "Key Shaanxi Province Famous Trademark Cultivation Enterprise"



Business Scope

Cultural industry and market development

Including special cultural industry infrastructure construction, strategic investment, financing and venture capital investment in major cultural industry projects, investment in cultural enterprises and projects, and venture capital in emerging cultural industries. Efforts are made to develop and build a stylish cultural life with distinctive cultural characteristics, suitable for the cultural and entertainment of citizens, commercial residence and tourism. Create a domestic first-class cultural and related industry development, construction, and investment enterprise, form a high-level cultural performing arts interactive platform for exchanges with other parts of the country, and enhance the driving force, radiation, and influence of the cultural industry.

Planning and implementation of art performances

Taking cultural dissemination as a means of performing arts, it provides professional services for many companies to expand their market operations, promote product brands and corporate culture. 节庆活动、周年庆典活动策划承办; 文艺演出、促销推广路演活动策划承办; 中秋晚会、招商会、联谊会、年会策划执行; 舞台设计、制作、搭建;灯光音响演出设备租赁; 彩旗、条幅、喷绘、升空气球、落地球、大型气球拱门制作租赁; Including: planning and hosting of festivals and anniversary celebrations; planning and execution of cultural performances, promotion and roadshow activities; planning and implementation of Mid-Autumn Festival, China Merchants Association, friendship, annual meeting; stage design, production, construction; lighting and sound performance equipment rental; bunting, Banner, inkjet, air balloon, earth drop, large balloon arch production and rental;

Real estate activities expansion, shopping mall promotion, wedding planning, brand expansion roadshow, celebration atmosphere layout.

Ceremonial celebrations, conferences and exhibitions

专业筹办各项会议会晤:如经销商大会、新闻发布会、酒会、见面会、招商会、研讨会、新品发布会、誓师大会、拍卖会、签约会、庆功大会、高峰论坛等。 To undertake the invitation and construction of various large-scale exhibitions, including various exhibitions during the exhibition, the organization, planning, investment promotion, reception and design of the exhibitions; professionally organize various meetings and conferences: such as dealer conferences, press conferences, cocktail parties, meet-ups Conferences, investment promotion conferences, seminars, new product launches, oaths conferences, auctions, signing appointments, celebrations, summit forums, etc.

Culture and art exchange

为文化类企业提供产权交易、股权转让、文化产业投融资等相关业务的咨询服务; 依法开展基于文化产业、文化项目及文化产品的政策咨询、信息发布、产品代理及质押融资等业务。 Organize cultural and art exchange activities; provide consulting services for cultural enterprises on property rights transactions, equity transfers, cultural industry investment and financing, etc .; carry out policy consulting, information release, product agency and pledge based on cultural industries, cultural projects and cultural products in accordance with the law Financing and other businesses.